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Kirsten Vaams Latex Couture



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This Mystery Package includes ONE TYPE of garment or one accessory of ONE COLOR and CANNOT be decorated with more than TWO decorations. I recommend this package to customers who want to add a spark to their wardrobe. Perfect for combination with other clothing styles and materials. 

What you'll get : If you select a Curious Pack, you can choose between Top/Blouse/Shorts/Leggings/Mini skirt/Midi skirt/Blouse/Bodysuit or Accessories such as Stockings/Fingerless Gloves/Fingerless socks/Collar/Neck piece/Shoulder piece/Suspender belt+garters

Example: A neon pink crop top decorated with lacing in the front or blue bodysuit with ribbons on shoulders and cutout on the back.

The price includes: working time on design, drawing sewing pattern in hand, cutting, gluing, decorating, completing and packing your order. 

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