A collection that loudly shouts: Latex is now for everyone and every occasion! The times when latex was worn behind the closed doors are unmistakably gone - we want you to wear our jackets in the streets!

Each garment has inner fabric lining including pockets. A perfect choice for rainy or shiny spring/autumn weather.


We recommend to wear these garments when it's between 9-18 °C outside. You will feel the bliss and warmth of the sun on your back as well as cold wind. As latex itself does not have very good thermoregulation properties, the fabric lining eliminates it. You can comfortbaly wear our jackets on your regular clothes with no fear they will have oily stains. 

Our jackets are made in 0,80mm thickness (black) and 0,60mm thickness (colour) natural rubberFor each garment we use shiny black 100% polyester of highest quality as a fabric lining. Our absolutely world unique technology combinates sewing and gluing and our know-how was developed through 2 years of production.

Please Note: Each Kirsten Vaams item is lovingly made by hand to order, so please allow up to 20 working days for production. For this reason we unfortunately can not accept returns but we are ready to provide you our repair services. Each case is approached individually. 

Care of our latex jackets may seem a little bit complicated at first sight, but it's quite simple. You just need to follow these steps : 

> Latex is very stretchy in each direction while the fabric lining isn't. Please keep in mind that our streetwear is NOT suitable for any sport activities, as you run the risk of tearing the lining due to the different tensile properties of both materials.

> Store your jacket on a hanger in a dark closed wardrobe. The best you can do is wrap your jacket in a plastic bag to protect it from dust and your regular outwear. For matt look use talcum powder and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. For dazzling shiny look use silicone oil only. 

> Take care of your latex jacket by checking it from time to time to make sure the latex doesn't have dry matt stains from the sun. If it does, apply few drops of silicone oil to protect its surface. This way you will prolong its great condition to ages. 

> Wash in hands only!!! You can hang your jacket in a bathtub and simply shower only latex surface. For deep cleanse soak your jacket in lukewarm water with few drops of non-agressive detergent and wash carefully. Then rinse off, dry with a towel and hang it on a hanger. 

> NEVER FORGET to dry your jacket IMMEDIATELY after wash. Dry carefully with hairdryer on the lowest heat from the inside and do not forget the sleeves. It is very important to completely dry out the fabric lining because if stays wet, the latex can mould on the inner side. The whole washing/drying proccess takes about 15 minutes of your time. I personally washed my jacket one time in a year and I wear it regularly.

> Your unique latex jacket is waterproof but we recommend to carry a cloth in a pocket to wipe out the rain drops.