Care of Latex

For those of you new to buying and wearing latex/rubber clothing, below are a few pointers to help you care for your pieces.
When your garment arrives it will appear matt and have a talcy covering, this is to finish the garment, seal the glue, and is the best way to send out items as they will be folded in the post.
You may choose to wear your latex/rubber like this, ie non-shiny, but if you want to shine up your latex as it is in our pictures, you can use a silicone polish or spray. The silicone polish is easy to use, and best applied with a lint free cloth. It is easier to polish clothing flat as opposed to whilst worn, you can purchase the polish here. Instructions for use are on the bottle. The spray is best applied as the garment is worn.



Be careful when dressing with jewellery and long nails as the rubber can tear, so try not to dig fingers in. Pale coloured latex can also discolour so AVOID contact with make-up, fake tan, jewellery etc. Prolonged contact with metal and a lubricant or polish will accelerate the staining so it's best to remove piercings completely before worn if possible. Staining from metal left on the skin, can then be transferred to the garment, so it best to wash the area of the body thoroughly before dressing, if you have just removed metal accessories from the body.

Lube yourself with silicone based lubricant before putting on your latex. Latex is made from rubber, so just like putting on a condom, you have to glide your latex on with lube. Put some lube on both your skin AND the latex for maximum glide and snug fit.

Avoid any type of friction while wearing latex. For example, don't sit on a concrete street or lean against a brick wall. The friction can cause holes & unnecessary wear.

Keep your latex powdered or lubed with silicone based polish only at all times to protect it.



To launder your latex, use a little gentle soap in lukewarm water, move the garment around in it so that the water moves in and around the garment, attempt to remove stains with your fingertips. Then wash in clean luke warm water, you may wish to repeat this to be sure to remove any soap. Leave your garment to drip dry in the shower or over a bath for long enough that it is completely dry inside and out. You can then talc the inside and polish the outside to keep the rubber moisturised.

If latex remains wet, it will mold. Once it molds, it does not unmold. Do not shove wet latex in a plastic bag. Once latex is completely dry, hang on a plastic od wooden hanger in a dark closet out of the sun. 



Some of our clothing has metal fastenings like zips and press studs. Black latex will not stain or be discoloured by these, but if your garment is a coloured latex, then it is best to keep metal components wrapped in tissue paper when not worn, especially after using polish. Pale coloured latex can discolour quickly when in contact with metal after polishing.

Latex will melt in heat and can discolour in sunlight, so avoid storing (or drying) on/near a radiator or window, in a wardrobe is perfect! Also hang as flatly as possible to avoid creasing. Kept like this your latex clothing will be durable and ready to wear again and again and again! For further info or advice, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Because Latex Rubber is a natural and delicate material, there are a few things it doesn’t like. Protect it from:

 Household oils, Mechanical oils, Grease and Solvents can all cause severe damage to latex
 Extreme heat can melt it, so keep latex away from hair straighteners, irons, heaters, etc.
 Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, water and humidity can cause discolouration and contribute to deterioration.
 Store it dry. Give it enough time to drip dry and air dry after washing. Don’t use a radiator or tumble dryer. If in a rush, you can use a hairdryer on low heat.
Some metals, especially copper, will stain the latex. Packing your latex garments in their own hanging plastic garment bags will help protect them.
 Sharp objects, including long nails, can make holes or rip your latex garment. Latex can tear if pulled or snagged.
 Nicotine will stain the latex.
salt The salt in your sweat will damage the material in the long-term if you don’t wash and oil or powder your garment after every wear.