Collection: Lingerie with Healing Crystals

Very unique and luxury latex underwear with healing crystal beads takes your feminity to a higher level

A perfect gift for any gilfriend, wife or single lady who adores striking style, subliminal secrets and meanings, and last but not least the comfort - all in one. The sophisticated design of these panties allows to open the crotch whenever you like it to be opened, otherwise it stays safely closed. Each panties come to you with natural stone beads on a rubber thread in the crotch. They might not only make you feel playful, but they also have a healing power.

 Theres reason why:

Stones generally have two amazing properties. First, they accumulate the energy and second, they slowly release it. It's like a cell phone battery. You charge it, which may take a while, but then you draw that much longer battery power. But the problem is that, like a mobile phone, the stone needs the right CHARGER, and therefore the right energy, to work properly. Each stone needs a different charger. I'll get back to it later.

Of course, people generally know that stone holds energy. When they enter a stone house or castle in the middle of summer steam, it's hot outside to fall outside, but it's cold inside. This is because the stone not only insulates, but still releases the cooling energy that it absorbed into itself even in winter. But, and this is important, it works the other way around: When the summer sun sets the stone terrace on fire, then even if it sets and we walk along the pavement in the middle of a cold night, the stones will still be warm. It's a stone. It accumulates heat and cold, ie the energy that is exposed when it is EMPTY.

Stone naturally absorbs the energy to which it is exposed. If the one who is in a negative mood takes the empty stone in his hand, then the stone does not give him any positive energy, on the contrary, it absorbs the negative energy into himself - and then returns the absorbed negative energy to the person for a long time, even though he does not want it. That is why it is so important to have the RIGHT stones, ie those that are already CORRECTLY CHARGED.

I offer 11 different stones. You can choose your stone by your zodiac sign, the problem you want to focus on or simply by your favorite color.

You will find a brief information about all stones and their charging in the gallery of your beloved design. If you crave for a completely different stone, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to make your dream panties come true.


Always keep in mind that the use of precious stones or minerals is not an alternative method to conventional medical care! If you feel symptoms of any disease, always consult either your general practitioner or the relevant outpatient specialist! Please note that there are no minerals and gemstones that have a physical effect against cancer, leukemia and other malignancies, as well as diseases that could have a negative impact on health.

The sources for this information are millennia of myths and traditions regarding the use of minerals and gems in folk medicine, published through the mass media in printed and electronic form, as well as commonly available literature - books where alleged effects on the human body and psyche are published. This information, which is widespread in society, is not a guide to circumventing traditional treatment through scientifically proven medical procedures and medicines with proven effects. With a few exceptions, the so-called "healing" abilities of minerals and precious stones, as well as the products made from and made with them, are not scientifically verified in any way and are given only by folk tradition and myths.