Catsuit inspired by gothic architecture in Prague

Catsuit inspired by gothic architecture in Prague

Since march 2020, just few days before the pandemic started, I went to Vyšehrad Castle in Prague which is a place where the history of Bohemian Principality, later Czech republic, was actually born. The Vyšehrad Castle was a sovereign residence of the principal and the very first czech king Vratislav II. (1061-1085 AD) Few hundred years earlier there was a pagan sacred place.

This place is the energetic centre of the Prague where many people from different religions do their rituals. The Czech country is from the very beginning interwoven with witchcraft, alchemy, astrology and astronomy. Every child learns at school that exact on this place the great princess and witch Libuše predicted the establishment of Prague whose "glory will touch the stars". Few hundred years later the greatest King and Roman emperor the Charles IV. built the "New Prague Town" which was divided into 12 sections based on zodiac signs. Vyšehrad appears to take place in Scorpio section. There are also five Menhir stones on this place which make the pentagram when you connect them with a line on the map. Many legends are strongly bond to this place and it has truly an amazing energy.

Every full moon (like many people) I go to this sacred place to do my own gratitude ritual 🌕 since I have started with it on March 2020,my life has completely changed. It felt like I woke up.

When I was making this catsuit, I wanted to pay tribute to this place and gothic architecture that I love the most of all architectonic styles. I truly believe that somehow I am connected to the gothic era in one of my past lives and I have a task to finish in this life. That's why I welcomed the witchcraft calling me and I continue doing what my soul started many hundred years ago.

As you can see, those windows are from the basilica of St. Peter and Paul which is located right next to my ritual place. I don't have detailed pictures for now but those windows on the catsuit's legs represent the front doors and they are slightly different from each other. The right leg represents the door that was designated only for male visitors and the left one was only for women. It also has the second hidden meaning - the duality.

It took me about 12 hours to hand carve those windows and doors.

latex catsuit inspired by gothic architecture prague shiny lucietium

latex catsuit inspired by gothic architecture prague lucietium

gothic latex catsuit lucietium

latex gothic catsuit lucietium kirsten vaams

latex gothic catsuit lucietium kirsten vams

Model: @Lucietium 

Photograpy: Zdenek Bieranzl, Jiri Akir 

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