Baroque  Swimsuit
Baroque  Swimsuit
Baroque  Swimsuit
Baroque  Swimsuit
Baroque  Swimsuit

Baroque Swimsuit

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Black latex one-piece swimsuit with metallic gold baroque ornaments. The edge of waistline and panties is lined with a golden metallic chain, the panties are decorated with hand-curved baroque ornaments in metallic honey gold color. Latex clothing is chic, elastic, shiny, comfortable and completely wearable in swimming pool. 

Material: 100% latex. All products are glued together and polished with silicone oil (Begloss).

Available in colors black/metallic honey gold, black/red, black/white in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. 

Shipping worldwide. After you buy this product, I need 3-5 working days to manufacture your order. Please be patient these few days, I will contact you immediately when I get the tracking number of your package. 

Sizes: bustline/waistline/hipline in cm 

  • XS > 84 / 66 / 90
  • S  > 88 / 70 / 94
  • M > 92 / 74 / 98
  • L > 96 / 78 / 102 
  • XL > 100 / 82 / 106 
  • XXL > 104 /86 /110

How to take care of latex : 


  1. Store product in a dark place, always polished with silicone oil or powdered with a baby powder (otherwise the color could fade). 
  2. Handwash only. Always dry latex immediately with a piece of cloth, because latex itself doesn't like water for a longer time (there's no problem with swimming, rain or shower, I'm talking about leaving wet clothing in the bag for example. If you leave your latex clothing wet for too long, there could appear the stains and they will stay there forever).
  3. The best thing what you can do with your latex swimsuit after swim is to rinse it with water, dry, polish with few drops of silicone oil (never use any other oil!), wrap it in a plastic bag and when you come home, you just hang it in your closet. Simple as that :) 
  4. Avoid using your fingernails while putting on. Take your time and be very careful with this material. If you have struggles to put on your swimwear, apply few drops of silicone oil on your body for making it easier to put on. 
  5. Especially in light colors (like white, yellow, light blue etc.), latex doesn't like metal, so please try to avoid metallic stuff. Black latex can handle metal like chrome, nickel or stainless steel with no bigger problem.
Especially in light colors, latex doesn't like when you touch it with fingers after smoking a cigarette. There could appear yellow stains and they will also stay there forever.